Monday, September 18, 2017

Setup realvnc server on raspberry headless using tightvncviewer

When I tried to connect to my headless raspberry via tightvncviewer I got the following message:

It appears that you have to install a viewer from realvnc ($? or registration?) in order to connect.

So I logged in to the raspberry via ssh and started a virtual vnc screen:

vncserver-virtual -Encryption PreferOn -Authentication VncAuth
This starts a new, virtual vnc server with the standard vnc authentications, tightvncviewer can connect to this one.

From this vnc connection I started a realvncviewer session to "localhost"

Allowing me to change the options for the default vnc server connected to the "screen" (port 5900 or :0) on the raspberry.

Accessing the options on the :0 realvnc server via realvnc viewer from a virtual (:1) realvncviewer from tightvncviewer.

From the options change Security/Authentication from "UNIX password" to "VNC password".

Now it is possible to connect directly to the realvncserver from tightvncviewer.

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