Friday, July 26, 2013

Using the Nexa remote together with a tellstick device

One of my Nexa switches is operated programmaticly from a computer via a tellstick. Whenever I want to control this device manually I will log in to the computer and issue the proper commands to operate the switch. However, not everybody finds this procedure acceptable so I needed a way to operate the switch both from the tellstick and from a Nexa remote.

First I reprogrammed the Nexa switch to accept the Nexa remote.

Then, by using the hard- and software described in decoding-new-nexa-protocol I could extract the ID code sent from the Nexa remote. This ID code could be directly entered into the "/etc/tellstick.conf" file and after a restart of the tellstick daemon the switch were operable by both the Nexa remote and the tellstick.

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