Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Replacing toner in my Brother HL-2030

During the weekend the toner lamp in my laser printer turned on.

Checking the largest online suppliers here in Sweden, I noticed that they wanted almost as much for a 2500 pages toner cartridge as I had paid for the laser printer itself.

This situation reminded me somewhat of the situation with ink jet printers, they are sold cheap or given away with computer purchases. The trick being that the ink in the printer are almost empty already, forcing their unsuspecting customers to a buy expensive ink almost immediately.

Probably a wise thing to do as well, I have never considered the ink/toner level in a printer when I considered buying it.

According to Brother the HL-2030 came with a 1500 page toner supply. There exists a standard, ISO/IEC-19752 that defines a standard page. I can not complain, pressing the "Go" button on the printer three times produced a page telling me that I had printed out 1594 pages.

After some "googling" I found a company, nordicink.se, that promised to deliver a toner cartridge for approximately one-third of the price of the original toner cartridge sold by my regular office material suppliers.

I ordered the cartridge on a Saturday, the following Monday I received an SMS telling me that it were in the postal system and today, Tuesday it were in my mailbox. Not bad. The replacement instructions were understandable and the first pages printed looks completely as expected. Now all that remains to discover are when the toner lamp turn on again.

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